Class V Rapids in Picturesque West Virginia: Send Your VIPs

Class V Rapids in Picturesque West Virginia: Send Your VIPs

When you hear the term "corporate event," you might imagine sitting down in a board room or hotel meeting space dressed in starched business attire.

Now imagine that meeting taking place on rushing rapids, slicing through one of the most dramatic landscapes in the world - and coinciding with a once-a-year dam release to raise the stakes.

Which would you and your VIPs rather attend??

Read on for today's full post all about whitewater rafting in gorgeous West Virginia, plus the upcoming dam release that makes for unforgettable, bucket-list rafting.

A World-Class Adventure

The Gauley River in West Virginia is, quite simply, one of the top paddling rivers in the world.

The 105-mile-long river boasts 24 miles of tight channels, dangerous rocks and over 100 rapids that fall more than 650 feet in altitude. The pristine scenery of the Monongahela National Forest in the Allegheny Mountains, along with a world-class high-adventure trip, have cemented the Gauley River's status as a must-do for rafting aficionados.

The river is broken up into two sections: the Lower and Upper Gauley.

For a heart-pounding adventure, rafting in the Upper Gauley is your best bet. Affectionately known as "the Beast of the East," this 10-mile stretch of the Gauley river is one of the most popular advanced whitewater runs in the country. Its renowned runs are considered quintessential big-water rafting, and rafters will need good fitness level and nerves of steel to navigate these choppy waters.

Gauley Season

To make the experience even more harrowing, reserves in the Gauley Dam are gradually released 22 times each year - for 6 successive weekends - starting the Friday after Labor Day. The dam release brings millions of dollars and thousands of paddlers annually from around the world to the local economy.

What that means for paddlers: You'll enjoy roaring Class V rapids at their guaranteed most fierce.

The reward? A truly unforgettable adrenaline rush against a backdrop of towering mountains and vibrant fall foliage.

Send your VIPs

A whitewater rafting excursion to Gauley River is a sure way to build teamwork, gain trust and create lifelong memories.

For a unique incentive trip, Winspire can help coordinate the most high-adventure trip your top employees, big clients and more will likely ever experience. With dam release dates throughout September and October, you can plan the trip during the most exciting portions of rafting season. We can also arrange food, lodging, transportation and all other details to get the most out of your adventure. Previous rafting experience is recommended but not required.

Your VIPs will walk away with a bucket-list item checked off - and just might ask to return next year.

For more information on a Gauley incentive package or to brainstorm similar ideas, leave a comment or click below.

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