Culinary Tourism: Turn Amazing Food Into an Unforgettable Experience

Culinary Tourism: Turn Amazing Food Into an Unforgettable Experience

One of the most outstanding, memorable elements of any corporate meeting or incentive is the food and drink - yet all too often meals are passed over as an afterthought.

We recently shared on the blog how food tourism - defined by the World Food Travel Association as "the pursuit and enjoyment of unique and memorable food and drink experiences, both far and near" - is a growing sector of travel. In fact, more than 1 in 3 travel dollars is spent on food, reports Venngage; meanwhile, more than half of all travelers are seeking to learn about unique dining experiences, according to the American Culinary Traveler Report.

How can you harness the universal draw of food to create an unforgettable experience for your VIPs?

Check out today's post for ideas to leverage the popularity of food in your next corporate event (like interactive chef experiences!).


What’s the first thing you do when planning a party? Figure out the food!

Impress foodies and lay 'food enthusiasts' alike with a celebrity chef, interactive cooking competition or private, 3-5 course gourmet dinner. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Event hosted by celebrity chef

Recruit a chef (like Food Network star Chef Tyler Florence) to come to your event. Like all talent procurement, celebrity appearances turn your meeting into a 100 percent unique, memorable event.

If you've got a celebrity chef, try arranging a meet & greet with picture and autograph opportunities.

2. Customized multi-course tasting menu

Your VIPs are in the driver's seat! Customize the menu to your region, tastes, food restrictions, desired theme and more.

3. Intimate cooking demonstration

Host an interactive cooking class or demonstration. You can even have participants show off their skills in a friendly competition with a culinary prize, like gift certificates to the presenter's restaurant or catering services.


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4. Chef presentation of dishes

Gourmet cuisine is a work of art on its own. Have the artist, your chef, present and walk your guests through the menu to add another dimension and bring the dishes to life.

5. Set up a dining experience or culinary tour featuring unique local grub

If you're hosting a meeting offsite or one where most attendees aren't from the area, having a dining experience featuring local food is the way to go.


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